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Let's get to know each other!

This video introduces you with our team, so you will know more about your teachers and future colleagus

Things that make us proud

What any person with his current education can get from our program?We suggest a quality edycation for every level of education

Beginner/Do you want to have a new prfession?

With analytics tools, to help you share with current and future clients.

Advanced/A vet?

All services for our team of industry experts, personal training.

Intermediate/Already a trimmmer? Advance your skills and knowledge

Total collections, quoting, enrollment, and reporting in Italian and English.

Mastery/A farrier...?

We can help you set up and manager your groups if you are become our partner.

Our mission

Do you ever scroll through images of beautiful lettering on Instagram and think to yourself that if you could do the same?

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People committed to public purpose

Dorhte Nyrup



– trimmer

– PP owner

– ex-showjumpe


Assistant Professor


– trimmer

– PP owner

– ex-showjumper


Assistant Professo


– trimmer

– PP owner

– ex-showjumper

Esther Howard

Assistant Professor